A City Guide To Zhangjiagang

A City Guide To Zhangjiagang for Finally, identities are always relational. That is to say, identities necessarily coexist with difference, in the sense that we can identify ourselves only by way of differentiating ourselves from something or someone else. If our identities are extremely unified and closed, it is likely that this rigid rendering of our selves is achieved by maintaining an equally one-dimensional understanding of others. From a political perspective, then, the interesting point is not simply that we all have identities.

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A City Guide To Zhangjiagang

What is significant is that we are all constantly involved in negotiating which parts of our identities will be privileged and accentuated, which parts will be suppressed or ignored, how our identities will be transformed, and what sort of relationship our identities will form with difference. Politics always pertains to two (related) questions. The first question is: What power does the individual exercise on other individuals in its social environment to achieve its interests? This is the modernist concern.

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