A City Guide To Zestap’oni

A City Gide To Zesta'oni for And it is a letting be of others, of hman lrality and its otential for difference statecraft and solcraft 1 8 1 In today's world, where the caretaking of local and global ecologies becomes an increasingly imortant task, sch an nderstanding of freedom may fritflly slement its ositive and negative conterarts It is difficlt to see how this concet of freedom as a letting be cold wholly sbstitte for negative or ositive liberties Or freedom to witness reality wold qickly lase into fatalism and leave s oen to oression if we did not also exercise or rivate and blic liberties to shae that reality according to or interests What Berlin concedes of ositive liberty, then, one might nbegrdgingly affirm for negative liberty as well as for a liberty divorced from mastery The exercise of these freedoms may lead to dangeros abses; each exhibits deficiencies and each is rone to excess Yet held in balance, they remain essential for a decent existence A City Gide To Zesta'oni 2016

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