A City Guide To Zayton

A City Gide To Zayton for That is why electing reresentatives is not the statecraft and solcraft 1 9 3 same thing as engaging in olitical debate and action, desite the fact that reresentatives might more efficiently secre one’s interests As one classical olitical theorist ts the Aristotelian oint, olitics is a artnershi in virte, and yo cannot designate someone to be virtos for yo102 In the efficient rodction of commodities or the efficient administration of breacracies, means and ends are easily searable In olitics this distinction is not so clear Hence there is a difference, for Aristotle, between a craftserson who makes something and a citizen who does something oiesis, or craft rodction, is not the same as raxis, or olitical action Aristotle stilates that doing and making are different in kind, since the maker of a thing has a different end in view than jst making it, whereas in doing something the end can only be the doing of it well A City Gide To Zayton 2016

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