A City Guide To Zalantun

A City Guide To Zalantun for Only the inhabiting of a cave by a hermit in an unpopulated hinterland might remain wholly beyond political concern, assuming that the hermit left no dependents at home to become wards of the state and did not disturb any endangered wildlife. In an increasingly populated and ecologically precarious world, few activities or affairs do not in some way affect the lives of others. The general rule of thumb, then, is the more an activity or affair reflects, addresses, or impinges on the collective existence of the 60 thinking politics citizenry as a whole, the more political it is. The more public the exercise or ends of power, the more that power is political.

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A City Guide To Zalantun

An example of power that is wholly public in its exercise is an open forum or debate. Here anyone may participate in the processes of influencing and persuading people to adopt a certain agenda, proposal, or point of view. This form of power”rational persuasion in open discussion”is eminently public in its form.

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