A City Guide To Yunyang

A City Guide To Yunyang for Our genes allow us, one might almost say they determine us, to structure our lives by mores. Political life is an agglomeration of mores. That these mores at times appear to conflict with primitive, unmediated instincts speaks less to the antagonism between nature and nurture than to the complex interdependence of human nature and human nurture. We are born genetically disposed to learn a great deal in this life and to alter our behavior according to this learning. Human culture develops not in opposition to human biology but as a consequence of it. To the extent that our genes determine our nature they determine us to be cultural beings whose cultural life is relatively autonomous. It is no less natural for human beings to restrain or channel their behavior according to moral standards or technological possibilities than it is for them 40 thinking politics to abandon themselves to unmediated instinct and undeveloped propensities. A City Guide To Yunyang 2016.

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