A City Guide To Yunmeng Chengguanzhen

A City Gide To Ynmeng Chengganzhen for Like the ickocket, we may miss ot on many valable exeriences if we remain rigidly set in or ways Or identities, as navoidable as they are and as sefl, stimlating, and beneficial as they may at times 104 thinking olitics rove to be, become dangeros limitations if adoted rigidly and ncritically Identities rovide s with sets of concetal, sychological, and emotional lenses that allow s to make or way in the world Bt these lenses may also kee s from seeing more exansively and from rsing or fll otential as hman beings That is becase or identities, whether they are religios, racial, sexal, or economic in natre, often integrate s within certain commnities by exclding others As emloyed here, the term olitics of identity is not meant to be eqated with identity olitics The latter term generally refers to olitical movements ethnically or racially defined organizations, for examle that base their ower on the assmed niformity of interests and vales among their members A City Gide To Ynmeng Chengganzhen 2016

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