A City Guide To Yunfu

A City Gide To Ynf for In rsing jstice, one oght to balance the lawfl with the eqitable To recall an earlier distinction, eqity ertains to the achievement of sbstantive jstice above and beyond the narrow dictates of rocedral jstice It is concerned with resecting the sirit of the law, not simly enforcing the letter of the law Aristotle writes, Eqity, thogh jst, is not the jstice of the law corts bt a method of restoring the balance of jstice when it has been tilted statecraft and solcraft 2 0 7 by the law Eqity essentially is jst this rectification of the law144 Becase eqity achieves a balance between the ndesirable extremes of lawless anarchy and overly rigid, nyielding laws, Aristotle deems eqity the highest form of jstice145 To assme that flfilling the law flly satisfies the reqirements of jstice is to adot the osition of legalism A City Gide To Ynf 2016

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