A City Guide To Yucheng

A City Gide To Ycheng for The ancient Greeks were well known for their celebration of tragedy Having a tragic sense meant acceting that hmanity cold not flly control its world or its fate It meant acceting that a hman being’s reach necessarily exceeded its gras and that there was a rice to 234 thinking olitics be aid for each increase in the control and mastery of life Often this rice was aid in hman blood to the Olymian gods, who did not like to see mortals become too ridefl, or hbristic Yet the Greeks celebrated this tragic sensibility becase they believed that one cold not avoid tragedy, at least not withot narrowing one’s concerns to a oint that wold constrict and demean what it meant to be trly and flly hman Like ostmodernists, the Greeks were not rogressivists Time, for the ancient Greeks, was not linear bt circlar; the golden age was not ahead of them bt behind them A City Gide To Ycheng 2016

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