A City Guide To Yongfeng

A City Guide To Yongfeng for GATT tried to discourage trade barriers, such as tariffs and import quotas, and provided a forum for resolving disputes between participating countries. Under GATT, nations participated in regular rounds of negotiation to remedy gaps in the international trading system and attempted to reduce or eliminate trade barriers. Nations initially conducted bilateral negotiations with their main trading partners, reducing their own tariffs and trade barriers in exchange for similar reductions by their trading partners. They then offered the same terms of trade to all GATT signatories as part of GATT’s encouragement of non-discriminatory trade. By the 1970s, GATT negotiations had significantly reduced tariffs, and the only remaining barriers to trade were non-tariff barriers such as import quotas, licensing requirements, and similar measures. However, non-tariff barriers were still a major impediment to trade, and thorny disputes remained over issues such as agricultural subsidies, industrial policy, and intellectual property. These are some of the issues with which the WTO wrestles at the start of the 21st century. A City Guide To Yongfeng 2016.

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