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A City Guide To Yining Shi for England, motivated by the desire to hamper Franco- American commerce, greatly curtailed American trade in the Caribbean through restrictive policies and by seizing American ships and sailors. The Jay Treaty of 1794, negotiated by George WASHINGTON’s pro-British, Federalist administration, temporarily eased tensions by restoring Anglo-American trade and defining the United States’ neutral status in the European conflicts. But the capture and impressment of American sailors continued; when the commercial agreements of the Jay Treaty expired and the British resumed their discriminatory trade policies, Republican Thomas JEFFERSON was far less tolerant. At his urging, the U.S. Congress passed the Embargo Act of 1807, which closed all American ports to foreign trade. This measure, built on the assumption that England needed American trade, instead crippled the American economy while having very little impact on the British. A City Guide To Yining Shi 2016.

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