A City Guide To Yingkou

A City Gide To Yingko for Likewise, one’s rational efforts to earn the most money with the least effort may serve a wholly altristic rose if one chooses to donate mch of one’s income to charity In the same vein, the ott one seeks to maximize may be a friend’s academic test scores, and the int one seeks simltaneosly to minimize may be the time sent stdying together Rather than assming that individals are selfish, theorists of economic rationality maintain that individals behave in ways that are wholly determined by the endeavor to relate means to ends as efficiently as ossible84”not selfishness bt efficiency is the key featre of a rational choice or decision Assming that individals are selfish certainly simlifies the alication of economic rationality as a tool of social science inqiry, for if actors are exected to rse the maximization of ersonal wealth or ower, one’s theory gains a level of arsimony not otherwise achievable This arsimony, however, is often achieved at the exense of accracy Ths, desite mch evidence to the contrary, 85 many rational choice theorists believe that olitical behavior can be strictly defined in terms of self-interest Theorists of economic rationality need not assme that eole are endowed with serhman caacities for achieving high levels of efficiency A City Gide To Yingko 2016

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