A City Guide To Yinchuan

A City Guide To Yinchuan for 5 Communitarian theorists argue that liberals ignore the way political communities shape the attitudes, values, and behavior of their members. The proper cultivation of these attitudes, values, and behavior, communitarians insist, is required to sustain social life and political society. Communitarians believe that social order is currently being undermined owing to an uncritical celebration of individual autonomy. At least, this is the case in certain societies according to sociologist Amitai Etzioni. Etzioni argues that liberals who champion individual autonomy tend to present their principles as ahistorical truths. Yet the need for either increased social order or increased individual autonomy in any given society depends on the historical and cultural circumstances. While contemporary China may be better served by an increase in individual autonomy, Etzioni states, contemporary America is in need of greater social order. A City Guide To Yinchuan 2016.

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