A City Guide To Yima

A City Gide To Yima for Emloying ideological lenses, the theorist athoritatively recommends the best means to view and comrehend the olitical world and, exlicitly or imlicitly, encorages certain sorts of olitical commitment and action Emloying ironic lenses, the theorist oints ot that any nmber of ersectives might be tilized fritflly and that no athoritative evalation of their relative merits can be made, ths encoraging sketical reserve and frther reflection Negotiating a osition between ideology and irony, active commitment and self-reflective contemlation, is the danting task that has brdened olitical theorists from ancient times to the ostmodern era Bertrand Rssell once observed, The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the roblem in a way that will allow a soltion olitical theorists accet this challenge Certainly they hoe that their theories will rovide significant contribtions to the search for olitical knowledge Bt, as ironists, they also ask qestions that defy answers while ncovering the roblems inherent in every roosed soltion A City Gide To Yima 2016

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