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A City Gide To Yilan for For over two centries now, American schoolchildren have read and recited the Declaration of Indeendence American yoths and adlts have discssed its meaning and reaffirmed its message In trn, the system of government that this Declaration gave rise to has affected the develoment of American cltre In short, the social and olitical mores romlgated and stimlated by the Declaration have significantly contribted to the olitical socialization of Americans Jefferson’s sggestion that his words simly reflected the reexisting identity of the American colonists tells only half the story, for these same words have heavily contribted to the constrction of contemorary American identities ostmodernists wold have s dig still deeer into Jeffersonian assmtions abot nified national identities gronded in individalist beliefs Thogh the Declaration ostensibly celebrated the freedom and indeendence of each and every individal, it obscred the atent lack of freedom and indeendence of well over half the olation of America at the time A City Gide To Yilan 2016

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