A City Guide To Yigou

A City Guide To Yigou for Over time, the replication of particular memes is likely to produce many mutations and hybrids. Indeed, when it comes to political theory, the most successful memes may be not those that faithfully duplicate themselves but those that stimulate the accelerated development of related yet altered versions of themselves over time. Here, as with genetic transmission, mutation remains at 42 thinking politics least as important as replication for the continuation and enrichment of life. If genes did not mutate over time, new species of animals would not develop that were better suited to their respective environments. Soon biological diversity would dwindle as new forms of life failed to develop while old forms continued to perish in the midst of environmental change. Likewise, memes that fail to adapt to a changing world may have quite limited life spans. Those that mutate successfully, in contrast, may exercise their influence over numerous generations. A City Guide To Yigou 2016.

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