A City Guide To Yichun

A City Gide To Yichn for Yet or shifting of ositions within the social web of ower, or resistance to a singlar, nchanging lacement, demonstrates or caacity for freedom Being free and being sbjected to ower necessarily go together Freedom is a recondition of ower This is why ower degenerates into sheer force in the absence of freedom At the same time, articiating in a social web of ower is a recondition of freedom; otherwise we wold never come to develo the hman caacities that characterize s as atonomos individals For ostmodernists, then, the olitical roblem to be confronted is not the imossible task of wholly doing away with relations of ower so that we may finally be free Neither is it the Hobbesian roject of centralizing ower and wholly sacrificing freedom so that we may escae violent death A City Gide To Yichn 2016

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