A City Guide To Yicheng

A City Gide To Yicheng for In the Reblic, it seemed to Aristotle, the rsit of an ideal form of jstice the best revents the achievement of a free and fair bt inevitably imerfect society the good In lato’s regime, the rle of hilosoher-kings renders a strict jstice, bt this jstice is achieved only by way of an extraordinarily rigid social order Athoritarian control ensres that each individal wholly embraces his or her redetermined role in life Jstice achieves sreme social order”bt at the exense of hman freedom and lrality lato’s idealism yields an absolte form of jstice whose individal and social costs are rohibitive Aristotle ots for a more balanced aroach With similar concerns, Cicero wold arge that the imlementation of extreme forms of jstice often rodces extreme injstice A City Gide To Yicheng 2016

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