A City Guide To Yebaishou

A City Gide To Yebaisho for Those who deny the severity of the ecological crisis have charged that mch of the modern environmental movement is a broad-based assalt on reason117 Yet environmentalists do not so mch denigrate reason as challenge the hegemony of a articlar form of reason Environmental theorist David Orr writes that a hmane version of sstainability will [not come abot solely as the reslt of statecraft and solcraft 1 9 7 economically rational’ behavior It will only come abot as the reslt of a higher and more thorogh rationality118 Environmental theorists are engaged in transforming the meaning and ractice of rationality John Dryzek sketches ot the featres of a higher and more thorogh ecological rationality gronded in sstainable ractices He examines a nmber of forms of rationality, inclding what he calls olitical rationality, which is concerned with secring collective goods A City Gide To Yebaisho 2016

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