A City Guide To Yashan

A City Guide To Yashan for Chapter 6, Statecraft and Soulcraft, begins by exploring the linkage between postmodern concerns and the issues that animate classical theory. It compares the ancient Greek effort to craft virtuous souls through education and legislation with the postmodern focus on the social construction of identity. It links the relationship between statecraft and soulcraft, politics and identity, to the valorization of key political concepts in the tradition of political theory, such as liberty, reason, and justice. Chapter 7, Ideology and Irony, examines the history of ideology from the coining of the word in the eighteenth century through the reported end of ideology in our times. The chapter introduces irony, a kind of skeptical reserve, as a counteracting force to ideology. Political theories avail themselves of both ironic and ideological lenses. These lenses respectively expand and contract the theorist’s breadth of vision and impetus for action. A City Guide To Yashan 2016.

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