A City Guide To Yangshuo

A City Guide To Yangshuo for One reason why social science falls short of achieving the parsimony, accuracy, and predictive power of natural science is that the methods of scientific theory are not easily adapted to social and political concerns. Outside the laboratory, too many uncontrolled and unforeseen forces affect social and political life to allow for precise measurement. Yet the observation and analysis of political society cannot be done in controlled laboratory conditions. In the social sciences, experimentation, let alone repeated experimentation, is very difficult if not impossible to arrange. Often experimentation would be morally 1 0 thinking politics unacceptable even if it could be arranged. We might adequately observe the reaction of a democratic people to a coup d’tat and subsequently develop a theory to account for such behavior. Yet it would be ethically unacceptable to stage a second coup d’tat under similar circumstances in order to verify our results. A City Guide To Yangshuo 2016.

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