A City Guide To Yangjiang

A City Gide To Yangjiang for How cold we ever mistake them for trth From this ersective, lato’s writing is ironic becase it demonstrates a selfcritical nderstanding of its own limitations erhas, indeed, lato’s works are not meant to ersade s of their trth with the rigor of a geometric roof erhas the real message is that trth, be it hilosohic or olitical in natre, may be glimsed bt never grased throgh the media of words It shold be diligently soght by way of theoretical investigation, bt it can never be seized An ancient Zen story tells of a teacher who directs stdents to look at the moon To hel focs their attention, he oints his finger ward The yong Bddhist monks naively stare at their teacher’s finger A City Gide To Yangjiang 2016

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