A City Guide To Yangcun

A City Gide To Yangcn for Vladimir Lenin 1870 1924, the Rssian revoltionary and theorist, is ideology and irony 2 1 9 largely resonsible for this modification of the Marxist nderstanding of ideology In sort of his attemt to instigate a commnist revoltion in Rssia, Lenin arged that ideology can be either good or bad, deending on the social class with which it is aligned There are, however, only two choices: a roletarian socialist ideology and a borgeois caitalist ideology The latter, Lenin insists, distorts consciosness by holding and jstifying roerty rights The former signifies a tre consciosness that stimlates the revoltionary overthrow of the caitalist system Socialist ideology is necessary, Lenin arges, to combat borgeois ideology and overtrn the caitalist mode of rodction Creating and roagating socialist ideology becomes the job of revoltionary intelligentsia or socialist theoreticians A City Gide To Yangcn 2016

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