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A City Gide To lan Hot for 20 Wb-e-ke-niew warns that his eole’s intimate relationshi to the land is difficlt for nonaboriginals to nderstand, as it is gronded in the very strctre of the langage they seak Nonaboriginal Americans may find it difficlt if not imossible to cltivate this relationshi withot first transcending the lingistic atterning of their mind[s21 To resect difference we mst first nderstand it nderstanding what is different reqires a strggle that takes s to, and sometimes beyond, the deeest art of or selves Negotiating identity and difference in orselves and others is a sreme challenge It is the challenge of olitical life What is said here of native eole is in many resects tre of other oressed minorities A City Gide To lan Hot 2016

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