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A City Guide To Tongi for Intention was at a high level with no significant difference between a random sample of women invited for a pap smear test per cent yes’, women who had had an abnormal pap smear per cent, women who had survived cervical cancer themselves per cent and a random group of women not invited for cervical screening within the previous two years per cent. Neither did having children make any difference to hypothetical intention. Intention was however affected by age ? those under were significantly more likely to agree to vaccination of their hypothetical granddaughter’. An earlier and smaller study conducted in the UK found a lower level of intention among a sample more directly involved in the decision ? parents of ?-year-olds. In this study only per cent certainly’ agreed to vaccination, although a further per cent stated they would probably agree Brabin et al How do you think you would respond to a similar question were you to have a teenage daughter? While evidence of levels of hypothetical intention are of interest, what is needed now is large studies of actual intention and factors that influence this, along with studies that assess actual behaviour. As this chapter has shown, there are many factors that explain intention, and many more that help translate intention into action. It is a fair bet that the health psychology literature will soon be publishing such studies in relation to HPV vaccination. A City Guide To Tongi 2016.

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