A City Guide To Tianshui

A City Guide To Tianshui for Such links between individual behaviour, health and illness provide a key reason as to why health psychology has grown rapidly, given its focus on personal and social influences on health-related behaviour see Chapters and It might be expected, given the changes in what people are dying from, that views of what health is may also have changed over time. We can see this, for example, when comparing eighteenth-century Britain with twentiethcentury Britain. In the eighteenth century, health was considered an egalitarian ideal’, aspired to by all and considered as potentially being under an individual’s control. Doctors were available to the wealthy as aids’ to keeping oneself well. However, by the mid-twentieth century this had changed. New laws regarding sickness benefit, and medical and technological advances in diagnostic and treatment procedures are associated with health being inextricably linked to fitness to work’. Doctors were required to declare whether individuals were fit to work’ or whether they could adopt the sick role’ see also Chapter Many today continue to see illness in terms of its effects on their working lives, although some also look at work role and conditions and consider the effects it has on illness see discussion of occupational stress in Chapter Another change is seen in the challenges to the assumption that traditional medicine can, and will, cure us of all ills. A City Guide To Tianshui 2016.

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