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A City Guide To Teknaf for importance of the person’s attitudes towards the behaviour is weighted against the subjective norm beliefs, whereby a person holding a negative attitude towards behaviour change I don’t really like dieting may still develop a positive intention to change in situations where their subjective norm promotes dieting and they wish to comply with their significant others e.g. all my friends eat more healthily than I do, and I would like to be more like them. Intention is considered to be the proximal determinant of behaviour, and it reflects both the individual’s motivation to behave in a certain manner and how hard they are prepared to try to carry out that behaviour Ajzen . This compares favourably with the HBM, which simply stated that a combination of motivational beliefs predicted greater or lesser likelihood of action, without a statement of intent ever having been formed. The TRA was extended and developed into the more powerful theory of planned behaviour TPB, see next section following a vast array of studies see review and a meta-analysis of eighty-seven studies by Sheppard et al. . A City Guide To Teknaf 2016.

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