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A City Guide To Tangdan for Learning Outcomes at the start of each chapter introduce key topics that are covered, and summarise what is to be learnt. Research Focus boxes provide a summary of the aims and outcomes of current empirical papers. They encourage an understanding of methods used to evaluate issues relevant to health psychology and problems associated with those methods. Learning outcomes By the end of this chapter, you should have an understanding of n typical models of adjustment to illness n the negative emotional consequences of physical illness, for both the person with illness and those around them n the evidence that benefits can be derived from being ill or providing care to an ill relative or friend n the diverse nature of coping responses in the face of illness or caregiving n how some forms of caregiving can be detrimental to the recipient n why research should consider the perceptions and responses of the ill person and their informal caregivers when trying to predict psychosocial outcomes The impact of illness on patients and their families RESEARCH FOCUS Skevington, S.M., Day, R., Chisholm, A. A City Guide To Tangdan 2016.

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