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A City Guide To Taixing for or older, QoL encompasses psychological, social and environmental wellbeing Grundy and Bowling issues below addresses the question of whether or not QoL is attainable at the end of life, as a result of either ageing or terminal illness. What do YOU think? Have you ever experienced something which has challenged your quality of life? If so, in what way did it challenge it, and how did you deal with it? Did you find that one domain of QoL took on greater importance than it had previously? Why was this the case? Have the weightings’ you attach to the different domains returned to their pre-challenge levels or has the event had a long-lasting impact on how you evaluate life and opportunities? If you are lucky enough not to have experienced any major challenges to your QoL, consider how the loss of some aspect of health seems to have impacted on someone you know. Consider whether you would respond in the same way were you to lose that same aspect of health. Plate Social isolation increases the risk a reduced quality of life. Source Jerry Cooke/Corbis GUIDED TOUR xxv Further Reading each chapter is supported by suggested further reading to direct the reader to additional information sources. I [ Mr B rown came to this clinic [for cognitive-behavioural therapy after years of looking for a treatment for my back pain. The doc sends you here, there, everywhere looking for the answer. A City Guide To Taixing 2016.

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