A City Guide To Taishan

A City Guide To Taishan for Often because patients are frequently offered cognitive-behavioural therapy at the end of a long chain of medical or surgical treatments ? most of which have failed ? but which have emphasised the medical rather than psychological aspects of their condition temporomandibular disorder pain a variety of conditions that cause tenderness and pain in the temporomandibular joint hinge joint of the jaw. Summary Many proximal and distal factors influence our behaviour, and our health behaviour, such as our age, gender, attitudes, beliefs and goals. Continuum models like the HBM and the TPB have demonstrated the importance of social and cognitive factors in predicting both intention to act and action, although the static nature of these models leaves a need for better understanding of the processes of change. Stage models like the TTM and the HAPA address processes of change and have gone some way towards filling the gap between intention and behaviour, and in particular the basic distinction between motivational and volitional processes is useful and important. Perceived susceptibility and self-efficacy have been identified as important and consistent predictors of change. As such, they carry intervention potential, but tailored interventions for different stages are more costly than a one size fits all’ approach, and evidence is mixed as to their success. Further reading Conner, M. A City Guide To Taishan 2016.

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