A City Guide To Suozhen

A City Gide To Sozhen for 11 The destrction was raid indeed At its nadir, between 1890 and 1900, the olation of aboriginal eole in the nited States dwindled to between 4 and 5 ercent of its former size As one scholar writes, for native Americans, The arrival of the Eroeans marked the beginning of a long holocast, althogh it came not in ovens, as it did for the Jews The fires that consmed North American Indians were the fevers broght on by newly encontered diseases, the flashes of settlers’ and soldiers’ gns, the ravages of firewater, the flames of villages and fields brned by the scorched-earth olicy of vengefl Ero-Americans The effect of this holocast of North American Indians, like that of the Jews, was millions of deaths In fact, the holocast of the North American tribes was, in a way, even more destrctive than for the Jews, since many American Indian eoles became extinct12 1 1 0 thinking olitics It is a sad fact that Adolf Hitler cold claim that his concet of genocide was gronded in his stdy of the American extermination of its aboriginal eole A City Gide To Sozhen 2016

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