A City Guide To Sujiatun

A City Guide To Sujiatun for 5 percent by the end of 2001. Furthermore, Zimbabwe’s per capita income is at $2,450, truly indicative of its poverty and unemployment level of 60 percent. Zimbabwe’s economic problems stem from its lack of natural resources and limited sovereignty from the British Empire over the last century, restricting its ability to develop a successful market-based economy. Zimbabwean leader Mugabe’s controversial land redistribution campaign, launched in 2000, has forced white commercial farmers to give up OWNERSHIP of their land to landless blacks without any compensation. Crippling the predominant commercial agriculture sector of the country’s economy, Mugabe’s tactic has come under fire and he has received international condemnation. Despite the international community’s and his own peoples’ staunch protest, Mugabe ran for re-election in 2002 and won by a very small margin, prompting suspicion of a rigged campaign. BIBLIOGRAPHY. A City Guide To Sujiatun 2016.

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