A City Guide To Suixi

A City Guide To Suixi for Emperor Ai of Han, http //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Emperor_Ai_of_Han [last modiied March , Any comet occurring at that time was liable to have been regarded as an auspicious omen and hence may have been of less interest to the court astrologers and the historian. Note how Homer H. Dubs, The History of the Former Han Dynasty, vols. Baltimore Waverly, ? , , explains the lack of eclipses and comets recorded during Emperor Wen’s reign in the second century BC it looks as though the recorders of phenomena deliberately refused to record eclipses or comets, for the good reign of Emperor Wen made them think that Heaven was sending no admonitions, hence they concluded that there were no visitations.’ Notably the historian introduces inauspicious comets, along with an increased number of other portents, in the period when the positive sentiment toward the emperor dissipated, namely in BC and BC. A City Guide To Suixi 2016.

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