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A City Guide To Suinin for Of course, if the BC comet recorded in the Thung Chien Kang Mu is not a wrongly dated record of Halley’s Comet in BC, then we would have to add it to our count of Chinese comets from BC to AD , making or It is also sometimes claimed dubiously, in my view that the BC cometary record is misdated and originally referred to the comet in the spring of BC see Kronk, Cometography, Wolfram Eberhard, The Political Function of Astronomy and Astronomers in Han China, in Chinese Thought and Institutions, ed. John K. Fairbank Chicago University of Chicago Press Michael Loewe, Divination, Mythology and Monarchy in Han China Cambridge Cambridge University Press, n, points out the close association between cometary records and military campaigns. On pp. ? he demonstrates that the BC Chinese comet was preserved because it was regarded as having successfully augured events of great political signiicance. Note the AD records of a fuzzy star that coincided with the beginning of Liu Yan’s rebellion against Wang Mang who had usurped the throne in AD See Eberhard, Political Function, In ? BC, the honeymoon period of Emperor Ai’s reign, the oficials and people were united in believing that, after the incompetent rule of Emperor Yuan and the extravagant reign of Emperor Cheng, they now had a proicient emperor Wikipedia, s.v. A City Guide To Suinin 2016.

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