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A City Guide To Suileng for C. and Caesar’s Funeral Games [Oxford Oxford University Press, claim that the same comet is in view. On this basis they seek to use the two reported positions of the comet to arrive at a relatively narrow range of orbital parameters that it our evidence The Roman apparition is taken to be a sudden cometary flare-up due to change in the internal structure of the comet’s nucleus or nucleus splitting almost two months after the likely date of perihelion Assigning May to the Chinese observation and July to the Roman sightings, they develop hypothetical orbits of the comet Ramsey and Licht may be correct in suggesting that the same comet was described at different stages of its apparition their development of a single orbit that holds together the two apparitions is impressive, but their hypothesis requires that there was a massive outburst well after perihelion. It seems equally, if not more, likely that a different comet was being reported cf. Alexandre Guy Pingre , Com?tographie ou Trait? Historique et Th?oretique des Com?tes, vols. [Paris Fourteen comets if we include a rather peculiar record in January?February of BC a white vapor emerged in the southwest, reaching from the ground up to the sky. It emerged beneath Shen and penetrated Tiance, as wide as a bolt of cloth and over zhang [ degrees long. A City Guide To Suileng 2016.

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