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A City Guide To Sishui for For example, in Belgium targets were aimed at reducing smokers, fat intake, fatal accidents, infectious diseases by vaccination programmes and increasing health screening in the over-s, by in The Netherlands Langer Gezond Leven ? Towards a Longer and Healthier Life’, Ministry of Health, the targets were to achieve reductions in cardiovascular disease, cancers, alcohol dependency, mental health problems, asthma and lung disease, and movement disorders by Although the WHO targets were not fully attained by , and the DoH target is unlikely to be achieved, some progress has been made. For example reductions have been seen in mortality in developed countries from lung, colon and prostate cancers in men, and breast and colorectal cancers in women. Such targets and policy documents assume a clear relationship between people’s behaviour, lifestyle and health. However, what they less clearly acknowledge and what is often not explicitly addressed are the socio-economic and cultural influences on health, illness and health decisions. These important influences on health are addressed in the next chapter. The WHO definition also fails to make explicit mention of the role of the psyche’ which, as this text will show, plays a major role in the experience of health and illness. Cross-cultural perspectives on health What is considered to be normal’ health varies across cultures and as a result of the economic, political and cultural climate of the era in which a person lives. A City Guide To Sishui 2016.

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