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A City Guide To Shuozhou for Think of how pregnancy is treated in most Western civilisations i.e. medicalised as opposed to many Third World regions naturalised. The stigma of physical impairment or disability among South Asian communities may have consequences for the family which would not be considered in Caucasian families for example, having a sibling with a disability may affect the other siblings’ marriage chances or even the social standing of the family Ahmad The way in which certain behaviour is viewed also differs across time and between cultures. For example, alcohol dependence has shifted from being seen as a legal and moral problem, with abusers seen as deviant to a disease treated in clinics; and smoking has shifted from being considered as glamorous and even desirable to being socially undesirable and indicative of a weak will. Perhaps reflecting this shift, the prevalence of males over age currently smoking in England has dropped significantly over the past thirty years, although the decline is less pronounced for females The Health Survey for England , Health and Social Care Information Centre and see Chapter What is normal and what is defined as sick in a given culture can have all sorts of consequences. If a particular behaviour is labelled as a sickness, the consequences will differ greatly from those received if the behaviour is labelled as deviant; for example, societal responses to illicit drug use have ranged from prohibition through criminalisation to an illness requiring treatment. A City Guide To Shuozhou 2016.

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