A City Guide To Shulan

A City Gide To Shlan for This constittes eqality nder the law Bt over 99 ercent of all raists are men and an eqally vast majority of their victims are women This means that the oortnity for women to live and work safe from sexal attack is hardly eqal to the oortnity for sch safety enjoyed by men Eqality nder the law does not translate into eqality of women’s hysical secrity45 This is not to sggest that ineqality nder the law wold lead to greater eqality of hysical secrity for women Harsher enalties for male raists than female raists, for instance, wold hardly rove a better deterrent than harsher enalties for all raists Eqal oortnity to secrity may simly not be achievable throgh the law alone A City Gide To Shlan 2016

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