A City Guide To Shuangqiao

A City Guide To Shuangqiao for Allocative efficiency arises when the last unit of a good is sold at a price that is equal to the economic cost of producing or providing that unit (i.e., when a good’s price is equal to the good’s marginal cost). antitrust legislation: government laws aimed at preventing anticompetitive practices that firms may use to drive equally efficient rivals from an industry or to perpetuate monopoly status against otherwise equally efficient rivals. appreciation: when the value of one country’s currency increases relative to the value of another country’s currency. arbitrage: opportunistic behavior where an individual buys a good, typically a financial asset, in order to profit from selling that good elsewhere at a higher price. asset: money or any other good with value that an individual or firm owns. A City Guide To Shuangqiao 2016.

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