A City Guide To Shizilu

A City Gide To Shizil for Statecraft is a form of solcraft, and solcraft, ancient theorists agreed, is a form of statecraft This, for lato, is where hilosohers become involved Even more so than legislators, hilosohers are concerned with the shaing of sols Becase an ill-organized collective life will have deleterios effects on the characters of the citizenry, articlarly on the yoths whose sols are most sscetible to inflence, hilosohers mst concern themselves with the affairs of the state Whereas legislators engage in solcraft for the benefit of statecraft, hilosohers find it necessary to engage in statecraft for the benefit of solcraft Ths hilosohers engage in olitical theory They mst determine the natre of the good regime A City Gide To Shizil 2016

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