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A City Guide To Shitanjing for It lasted more than days before departing David W. Pankenier, Zhentao Xu, and Yaotiao Jiang, Archaeoastronomy in East Asia [Amherst, NY Cambria, , Curiously, I ind that this phenomenon coincided with the birth of future Emperor Guangwu of Han, who ruled from AD to When I asked David Pankenier how sure he was that this was a comet, he replied email correspondence, October , The record would be dubious, were it not for the fact that it says that the vapor was extremely long and persisted for more than days, with the stellar location explicitly noted. With that it met our selection criteria. We can rule out an aurora, a bolide trail, or an atmospheric phenomenon, and the record is consistent with the appearance of a comet whose coma was invisible below the horizon but whose tail stretched up into the sky at the terrestrial place and time in question. Pankenier et al., Archeoastronomy in East Asia, Christopher Cullen, Halley’s Comet and the Ghost’ Event of BC, Quarterly Journal of the Royal Astronomical Society discusses a Chinese record in the Thung Chien Kang Mu that has been interpreted by some as referring to a comet in BC. He argues that it is actually referring to Halley’s Comet in BC. A City Guide To Shitanjing 2016.

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