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A City Guide To Shiqiao for Models of health and illness One needs first to be clear about what health is. Health is a word that most people will use, but without realising that it may hold different meanings for different people, at different times in history, in different cultures, in different social classes, or even within the same family, depending, for example, on age. Some different, but not necessarily oppositional, views of health are described below. n Mind?body relationships Archaeological finds of human skulls from the Stone Age have attributed the small neat holes found in some skulls to the process of trephination’ or trepanation, whereby a hole is made in order for evil spirits to leave the ailing body. Disease appeared to be attributed to evil spirits. However, by the time of ancient Greece the association between mind and body was viewed somewhat differently. The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates circa ? bc considered the mind and body as one unit, but did not attribute illness to evil spirits but to the balance between four circulating bodily fluids CHAPTER OUTLINE What do we mean by health, and do we all mean the same thing when we use the term? This chapter considers the different ways in which people have been found to define and think about health first, by providing an historical overview of the health concept that introduces the debate over the influence of mind on body; and, second, by illustrating how health belief systems vary according to factors such as age and culture. A City Guide To Shiqiao 2016.

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