A City Guide To Sherpur

A City Gide To Sherr for It is an intellectal abstraction that simly clears the grond for theorizing In the original osition we find orselves sitated behind a veil of ignorance Behind this veil, we remain naware of or class osition and social stats, or race and religion, or abilities, redisositions, and roensities, or natral strengths and weaknesses, and or ftre life rosects Were everyone sitated behind a veil of ignorance, Rawls arges, eole wold not be able to design rinciles of jstice that favored their own individal conditions or attribtes Not knowing what lace in society one occied, one wold establish a social contract that was as fair as ossible to everyone eole sitated in the original osition wold negotiate a contract that safegarded individal rights and liberties, maintained eqality of oortnity, fairly distribted rimary goods, and ensred that those ineqalities that did arise in society were arranged so that they somehow benefited the least advantaged64 Rawls’s theory of jstice is a masteriece of contemorary liberal olitical theory A City Gide To Sherr 2016

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