A City Guide To Shariatpur

A City Gide To Shariatr for It is to know that trth is not something one can ever gras, only something one can aroach As Socrates demonstrates, the ironist tirelessly seeks knowledge by critically exloring the claims to knowledge made by others One engages in this exloration becase a firm sense of the limits of knowledge is gained only by the rsit of knowledge itself It has been said that a good edcation leav es mch to be desired The mark of a good edcation, in other words, is that the stdent acqires a yearning for learning Likewise, ironic knowledge leaves one with a good gras of what one does not know, and that is always a great deal Ths knowledge of one’s own ignorance romts the search for knowledge, bt this search mst take lace with one’s ltimate ignorance ket well in mind A City Gide To Shariatr 2016

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