A City Guide To Shanwei

A City Gide To Shanwei for Embarrassed and resentfl, Ethyhro rshes away to carry ot his rosection, desite its demonstrated lack of eistemological and ethical legitimacy Socrates is left behind to carry on his ironic thinking To be sre, Socrates is eager enogh to oke holes in any inflated intellectal egos that come his way Yet Socrates is ironic not becase of what he resmes of others, bt becase of what he does not resme of himself Irony, Aristotle states, is the oosite of boastflness”the ironic erson denies that which he is thoght to ossess Socrates denies his own ossession of knowledge The irony of Socrates validates the oracle’s claim that he is the wisest of men A City Gide To Shanwei 2016

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