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A City Guide To Shangzhou for The approximately ,-km-diameter trans-Neptunian object Sedna, the largest solar system object discovered since Pluto, has an eccentricity of and an aphelion distance of about AU. My translation. Appendix The Chinese Comet Records The BC apparition of Halley’s Comet may also be preserved only by the Babylonians, since the Chinese record does not prove a natural it. To get the Chinese record to agree with Halley’s Comet, one must assume that the Chinese made a mistake in the month or direction see Tao Kiang, The Past Orbit of Halley’s Comet, Memoirs of the Royal Astronomical Society [ Virgil Georgic , a contemporary writing in ? BC, speaks of frequent fearsome cometary apparitions at the time of the battle of Philippi as does Manilius, Astronomica The use of the Latin cometae and the context make it clear that comets are in view. Cassius Dio speaks of the Sun shining at night. Cassius Dio , and Suetonius, Vespasian , refer to a long-haired comet that portended Vespasian’s death. We simply cannot be sure that it was the same comet recorded in April by the Koreans. A City Guide To Shangzhou 2016.

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