A City Guide To Shangzhi

A City Guide To Shangzhi for K. C. Yau, Halley’s Comet in History London British Museum Ramsey and Licht, Comet of B.C., n, point out that astronomical records in the imperial archives no doubt perished in the turmoil that followed the overthrow of the usurper Wang Mang in AD or David W. Pankenier, On the Reliability of Han Dynasty Solar Eclipse Records, Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage , states that, at times during the Former Han dynasty, the standard of record-keeping declined on account of cronyism, negligence, civil unrest, etc. Speaking more generally, York Reliability in his doctoral study of the reliability of East Asian astronomical records, concludes that the luctuating numbers of surviving comet records are explicable with reference to changes in the proiciency of astronomical observations, record-making, and recordkeeping. A City Guide To Shangzhi 2016.

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