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A City Guide To Shache for However, our understanding of culturally relevant cognitions regarding illness and health behaviour is still limited, and further cross-cultural research is required. As we will discuss in a later chapter Chapter , the use of health care, either traditional or Western, will in part be determined by the nature and strength of an individual’s cultural values and beliefs. Illness discourse will reflect the dominant conceptualisations of individual cultures, and it should become clear at various points throughout this text that how people think about health and illness shapes their expectations, health behaviour, and their use of health promotion and health-care resources. Lifespan, ageing and beliefs about health Psychological wellbeing, social and emotional health are not only influenced by the ageing process, they are also affected by illness, disability and hospitalisation, all of which can be experienced at any age. Although growing older is associated with decreased functioning and increased disability or dependence, it is not only older people who live with chronic illness. For example, a survey of young people aged ? using parent proxy reports for those aged under found that approximately a quarter of the young people had a longstanding illness predominantly respiratory conditions such as asthma statistics from the Health Survey for England, www.doh. A City Guide To Shache 2016.

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