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A City Guide To Runan for Deconstruction focuses on this unstable relativity of language. For Derrida, a text does not have an intrinsic meaning grounded in its accurate representation of reality. Rather, the meaning of a text is found in its differential relation to other texts. Deconstruction utilizes the rhetorical features of a text to undermine or cast suspicion on its manifest content or argument, particularly if the text asserts or legitimates stable categories of experience or structures of social existence. Deconstruction demonstrates that any attempt to conceptualize neatly these categories or structures harbors self-contradictory linguistic tendencies. It also demonstrates that certain rhetorical forms, such as binary oppositions between subject and object, appearance and reality, mind and body, male and female, self and other, speech and writing insidiously establish hierarchies of values.18 Deconstructionists attempt to disrupt the strategies of exclusion and inclusion that are generated by such binary oppositions. A City Guide To Runan 2016.

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