A City Guide To Rizhao

A City Guide To Rizhao for Some normative theorists argue for very specific beliefs or values. Others avoid explicitly advocating a particular moral position. They remain more broadly concerned with understanding the means and processes by which diverse attitudes and interests become articulated and integrated into political life. Nonetheless, every political theory facilitates the pursuit of some but not all courses of action and some but not all beliefs, attitudes, interests, and values. Thus all political theory prompts us to accept certain aspects of our world and to change others that are judged to be deficient. All good theories, moreover, demonstrate the virtue of significance”and we have no alternative but to rely on value judgments (what we, or a community of scholars, find interesting or important) to determine whether a theory is significant. As such, every political theory is normative in some degree. A City Guide To Rizhao 2016.

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