A City Guide To Ramganj

A City Guide To Ramganj for In an effort to make the world fit neatly into their conceptual schemes, theorists may be tempted to lop off all theory and vision 2 5 those parts that prove unwieldy. If we try to make the world of politics reflect uniform, geometric visions, we are likely to do much violence to it. The mark of a good education, Aristotle insists, is knowing which fields of study allow for certainty and exactitude and which do not. Politics, he observes, is not an exact science. Its study depends less on precise measurement than on contextual understanding grounded in shared experience. By developing their own conceptual lenses while remaining receptive to the different viewpoints of others, interpreters of political life may strike an appropriate balance between the intellectual demands of theory and the practical and moral demands of an ambiguous, complex, and unruly world. Suggested Readings Fred Dallmayr and Thomas McCarthy, eds. A City Guide To Ramganj 2016.

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